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Our's Full Service Hair Salon is the only best in the NYC for our top of the line Women's Hair colors. Want to reduce your amount spending triple in Manhattan or Long Island? We do our best service at an affordable cost. Our Hair Colorists are the top experts in the area and the products we use are Redken and L'Oreal hair color products. Our hair coloring salon offer single process hair color and this is the permanent hair color that should be attempted by hair salon.

Single Process is a new color or toner that is applied all over your hair to create a new base color. The hair is lifted and deposited in one simple step. If you want to make a key change or completely cover a lot of gray that are about 50 percent or more, this process is beneficial for you.

Single process color or one-process color is the only permanent color that should be attempted by the professional! It is great for covering up gray hairs and adding shininess to the dull hair. It is a type of color, that can be permanent, semi-permanent or demy-permanent - that is applied to the complete head from root to hair, to create a new base color.

Choosing the right type of single-process color is indispensable to achieve the desired results. It cannot be washed out if you don't like the outcome, so consider well before you take this step. It is always best to have a colorist take on the job, especially for first-timers. Our professionals have experience with a wide range of products and can custom-mix colors to give you just the results you want.

We offer you free color consultations, to go for your over all hair color needs. Why go anywhere else, when we worth your hair and hair color needs? Our salon is 4000SF Luxury Beauty Salon and the best in New York, NY. Just get in our salon. You will feel the real difference in you.

We have celebrity VIP private rooms in our hair salon. Discretion is assured in our stylish salon.

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