Double Process Hair Colors

In Our Hair Salon we care for your needs. Our hair stylists will make you look more beautiful than any one. Striking change can be yours with double process coloring in our salon. Your hair can be lightened more than four levels by using this method. With the double coloring process, the original color is removed from your hair and the new color you choose is then deposited. Since, a double process coloring results in remarkable change, a consultation with your colorist is a must. In double process hair color the original hair color is removed from your hair and the new hair color you choose is then deposited.

Professional exactness is essential to attain the consistency necessary to make this choice work. That is why you need Our! Our Professionals are certified and are the top hair colorists in New York City, NY.

We offer you free color consultations, to go for your over all hair color needs. Why go anywhere else, when we worth your hair and hair color needs? Our salon is 4000SF Luxury Beauty Salon and the best in New York, NY. Just get in our salon. You will feel the real difference in you.

We have celebrity VIP private rooms in our hair salon. Discretion is guaranteed in our posh salon.

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